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Salt Lake Minerals (Pty) Limited is a Registered Company with interests in the Diamond Mining Industry and the purpose of the Company is to explore and extract Rough Diamonds from Alluvial Gravel Deposits namely on the Farm Summerhill 203 (Remaining Extent and Portion 1).

The Farm is located  in the Magistrate District of Herbert, on the Northern Bank of the Orange River which is 50km from Douglas and 35km from Hopetown.

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The Farm is located  in the Magistrate District of Herbert, on the Northern Bank of the Orange River which is 50km from Douglas and 35km from Hopetown. The Farm is approximately 3360ha (Hectares) with respective borders of 4km, 9km, 8km and 7km Riverfront. Hopetown is a Town which lies at the edge of the Great Karoo in South Africa's Northern Cape Province. It is situated on an Arid Slope leading down to the Orange River. The first Diamond discovered in South Africa, the Eureka Diamond, was found at Hopetown in 1866.

Mr. R. P. Burger originally had 8 children, 6 sons and two daughters. When he died at the end of the 18th Century, all his children inherited a Farm including his two daughters. The one daughter died in 1917 upon which the other daughter, Ms. Alida Bertrand purchased her sisters’ Farm and integrated the Two Farms into one Farm, which today is called Summerhill.

The Farm was then transferred to a trust after her son Mr. L. Bertrand, passed away. He was at that stage the owner of the Farm, which he inherited from his mother.  The trust is called the Louis Bertrand Testamentary Trust and Mr. Bertrand's wife Thelma Bertrand and her 4 children would be the trustees of the Trust.

After the death of Mr. Bertrand, a Farmer in the vicinity, Mr. Winston Tuck rented the Farm from the Trust, initially for Farming and later also for Exploration and Diamond Mining. The Mineral Rights of the Farms were also transferred to Mr. Tuck as part of this Agreement. He agreed with the Trustees of the Trust that 50% of the Gross Profit earned from the Mining Activities would be paid to the Trust as a Royalty.

Mr. Tuck obtained all the necessary permits and licenses from the Department of Mineral and Energy Affairs and contracted a Miner Mr. Attie du Plessis from Barkley West to Mine on the Farm. It is being said, but not confirmed, that Mr. du Plessis produced in the order of 3ct (Carat) to 4ct (Carat) per I00 Ton during his time of Mining.

In 1997, the contract between Mr. Tuck and the Trust ended, and the farm was returned to the Trust.  The Mineral rights, however, was still owned by Mr. Tuck.

The First Diamond to be discovered in South Africa was in 1866 on the Farm called De Kalk. The De Kalk Farm 37 is located precisely 19,55km North West of Eskdale and Predominantly North Westerly from Summerhill.

The Eureka Diamond (First Diamond To Be Discovered in South Africa In 1866)

Weight: 10.73ct Polished (One of Two Diamonds Cut from 21.25ct of Rough)
Shape: Oval Brilliant
Colour: Yellow
Clarity: Unknown
Origin: Farm called De Kalk, Hopetown, Northern Cape, South Africa
Significance To Summerhill: The Farm De Kalk 37 is located precisely 19,55km North West of Summerhill


During 1997, Salt Lake Minerals signed an Exclusive Lease Agreement for Eleven (11) Years, and an Exclusive Option to Extend the Lease for another Fifteen (15) Years and / or to Purchase the Property. This time the Trust agreed that only 5% of Net Profit need to be paid to the Trust as a Royalty.

The Farm originally belonged to Mr. R P. Burger who was the great, great grandfather of the current  resident B.J. Burger, who still owns the Farm, Summerhill today.

At the end of that year, Salt Lake Minerals also obtained the Mineral Rights from Mr. Tuck for R 50 000 (ZA) as a once off buy-out. The Exploration License was still in the name of Mr. Tuck for the Period until 2001 and had to be renewed Year on Year.

Two Exploration Licenses were issued to Salt Lake Minerals:

Salt Lake Minerals also negotiated Exclusive Rights to Prospecting on the adjoining neighbouring Farms which are currently owned by Mr. J.A.S. Zwigers. These Farms are on the same side of the Orange River, namely:

Western Side:  

Eastern Side:

The Mineral Rights of the above-mentioned Farms currently belong to Mr. J.A.S. Zwigers.

In 2001, Salt Lake Minerals also applied for a Mining Permit.  These Permits are normally issued by the DMEA for a Maximum Mining Area of 20 Hectares and Salt Lake Minerals requested the Permit to be issued for the Area originally Mined by Mr. du Plessis on the Summerhill far which is a Portion of the Riverbank. According to the DMEA, this Mining Permit will be issued during September 2003.

Salt Lake Minerals (Pty) Limited foresees a Long and Prosperous future at the Summerhill 203 Property due to both Alluvial Gravel Resources and Large Potential Kimberlite Resources which are very significant features of the Resource Base and Economic Profitability of a Large future Diamond Mining Operation on this Property.

Given the Past Diamond History of Hopetown and the Orange River in general where the Summerhill 203 (Remaining Extent and Portion 1) Property is closely located there is without a doubt that Diamonds which are Recovered from the Orange River Terrace Gravels are of Gem Quality.

Salt Lake Minerals has a management team skilled in Evaluation, Procurement, Exploration and Development of Mineral Projects and with the backing of a Financial Investor there is a massive Opportunity for Capital Growth through to Successful Exploration on the Company’s Current Project as well as all future Projects that may transpire.